EmbodyDance is canceled until further notice. Meanwhile…

Here (click) are archived waves and ongoing virtual dance events, local and worldwide.

And we are asking for donations from those able to make them. Any donation of $88 or more will receive an advance dance punch card as a gift.

You may also mail a check, made out to “EmbodyDance,” to:

Scott Shuker c/o EmbodyDance, PO Box 31453 Santa Fe, NM 87594

See our “Donate and Purchase” page for other options using a QR code.


(52 weeks a year, weather or holidays…)

20 years on, still the heart of
Conscious Ecstatic Dance in Santa Fe

Come dance with us at the
Railyard Performance Center when the current ban on gatherings and congregations by the State of New Mexico is lifted.
(map & directions)

Next CC meeting is scheduled for Monday December, 2020 @ 6:30 on Google Meet. Email manager at manager@embodydancesantafe.org if you would like the link to attend.

To participate fully in the EmbodyDance Community,
become a registered member by emailing manager@embodydance.org and requesting membership. You will then receive a confirmation email.


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                                                                Don’t forget to smile!