Welcome to Embodydance—Dancing your Journey from the Inside out

For more than 15 years, Embodydance has created community through gathering together in Ecstatic Dance—considered a sacred practice by many of our members. Every Thursday from 6:30–8:30pm and every Sunday from 3–5pm at the Railyard Performance Center in the heart of Santa Fe, Embodydance provides an opportunity to drop into profound connection with self, community, the world; with Source. We encourage you to come dance and move in freedom. Find out what it holds for you by experiencing the dance for yourself.

Discover the rich possibilities within and without…

We honor the path to ecstasy Gabrielle Roth mapped out, but we are not a 5Rhythms® dance community. To find out more about how we are different, read the “What We Are & Aren’t” page. Come dance with us!

February 2016 Ecstatic Dance Facilitators & Coordinators

Thu 04: Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: Scott
Sun 07: Facilitator: Tracy; Coordinator: Scott
Thu 11: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: Samwell
Sun 14: Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: SanD
Thu 18: Facilitator: Elizabeth; Coordinator: Doug
Sun 21: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: SanD
Thu 25: Facilitator: Ana; Coordinator: Doug
Sun 28: Facilitator: Tracy; Coordinator: Samwell


Shipwrecked Productions presents:

Shipwrecked Productions presents Boing!

Boing!—A night of multiple performances in a carnival atmosphere. Edgy, provocative, unusual, and highly entertaining very short acts featuring The Luminous Yoni Dance Ensemble. Note: This is an adult-oriented show, not suitable for children.

When: Sat., Feb. 20, 7:30 pm
Where: Teatro Paraguas, 3205 Calle Marie, Santa Fe, NM
Cost: $7 at the door

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Open Position – Embodydance Bookkeeper

Embodydance Bookkeeper Job Description

Embodydance bookkeeping is done on Quickbooks and the bookkeeper needs version QB 2013 or later. The bookkeeper will be paid as an independent contractor and the fee will be set at an agreed monthly rate. The fee for performing the annual records management tasks (item #7 below) will be set at a separate agreed rate that will be dependent upon which of these tasks they perform. If the bookkeeper is not equipped or qualified to file the IRS Form 990 (item #7d), arrangements may be made to have this completed by another qualified professional.

1. Make all Embodydance disbursements: around 15–20 monthly check payments for staff, rent, insurance, etc., most disbursed to staff at Embodydance and mail occasional checks for special purchases, etc. There is no payroll—all staff are paid as Independent Contractors.

2. Write 5–10 donation receipts annually.

3. Monitor bank deposits: One staff person makes all bank deposits of cash & checks including transfers of payments made to the Embodydance PayPal account and emails these deposit records to the bookkeeper. Embodydance can only accept credit cards through the PayPal account. There are 10–12 deposits per month. Attendance/income records are administered by staff at each dance and are reviewed and maintained by the Community Council.

4. Monitor bank balance and transfer between checking & savings accounts as necessary.

5. Reconcile monthly bank statements, deposit records and attendance/income records.

6. Complete monthly P & L statement using Quickbooks and email along with current bank account balances to the Community Council & Board for review. Respond to occasional questions.

7. Annual records management:
a. Prepare and disburse approx. 10–12 Form 1099s for all staff by end of January.
b. File all Form 1099s and Form 1096 with the S.S. Admin. by end of February.
c. File Non-Profit Corporation Report with the State PRC by May 15.
d. Prepare and file IRS Form 990 by May 15.
e. File Form 990 and input organization info. online with the State Attorney General by end of June.

Direct questions regarding this job description to the current Embodydance bookkeeper:
Ruth Solomon, ruthsol530@gmail.com, (505) 474-8510 (home), (505) 469-4347 (cell)

Direct questions regarding your application for the Embodydance bookkeeper position to the Embodydance Secretary / Treasurer:
John Meade, john@johnmeade.net, (505) 982-9950 (home), (505) 470-9740 (cell)

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Dance Cards

New Pricing on Dance Cards
Embodydance Santa Fe will continue to offer dance cards into 2016, but not at the 2015 price. 2015 cards are offered at $80, and that price will increase to $88 in 2016. Either card entitles you to 8 dances. Even with the price increase in 2016, your cost will be well below the $12–15 suggested donation for each dance.

Year-End Tax Statements
Whether you buy a dance card now or later, there are more good reasons to purchase. Beginning officially in 2016, Embodydance Santa Fe will send you a year-end tax statement for total dance cards purchased during the calendar year. If you need a tax statement for 2015 card purchases, we may be able to honor your request…just ask. Your prepaid commitment to Embodydance is a helpful show of support

Gift Economy
Embodydance operates a “gift economy”—meaning that those who can afford to donate more than our asking price per dance do so, and those who cannot afford to pay our asking price donate less or maybe even dance for free. While the discounted dance cards are one way to pay less, many in a position to donate more may choose this method for accounting purposes. If this is you, please know we appreciate your additional cash donations over and above the cost of the dance cards.

As a non profit, we welcome your end of the year donation. Please consider going to the website www.EmbodydanceSantaFe.org and making a donation via card or PayPal. Click on the donation button.

Giving Thanks
Embodydance is alive in Santa Fe thanks to each and every one…showing-up, engaging in the dance, and making donations of time, talent and funds. Blessings to all.

Submitted by Julie Glassmoyer & Raphael Weisman

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Saving Sundays

There are many ways to participate and help our Embodydance community to thrive and continue to provide this beautiful service of dance “from the inside out” to all of us. Sunday dance is in jeopardy of closing down for lack of financial sustainability. We can keep it going for longer until we work out viable solutions to keep it happening if we receive donations over these last months of the year.

We will be asking dancers if they would prefer our Sunday Dance to be at the same time of 3–5 PM or at the earlier time of 12:30, an option we are exploring that may become available after the first of the year.

We are grateful to Tracy Juechter for her recent donation of $500 and to Guthrie Miller for paying for Katharine and Makasha Roske to facilitate our Community meeting on Sunday 8th November where the issue of Sunday Dance was discussed.

Embodydance is a non profit under the IRS, section 501 (c) 3. Our Federal ID# is 20-3562235 and our fiscal year is Jan–Dec. Your donation is tax deductible and will be of tremendous assistance at this time

There are many ways to donate. The easiest is to click on the PayPal button on our website.

You can bring a check or cash to dance and we will send you a receipt. Tell the Greeter that you are making a donation and want it to be recorded. We will have forms at the desk for your information. You can mail a check to Embodydance Santa Fe at

P.O. Box 33781 Santa Fe, NM 87594                                                             www.EmbodydanceSantaFe.org

If you would like to be on our Promotion and Sunday Task Force teams to help promote Embodydance and save Sunday Dance, please let us know, either via the website or email Julie Glassmoyer at julieg2001@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support.

The Community Council, Board of Directors, Facilitators, Coordinators and lovers of Embodydance

One Response to Saving Sundays

  1. To explain the Embodydance money situation a bit more, here is a link (http://embodydancesantafe.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/20132014FullYear.pdf) to full year profit and loss statements for 2013 and 2014.

    ED lost $389.86 in 2013 and lost $3135.58 in 2014. You can see where the money is going.

    The extra (beyond fixed) expenses for putting on a dance are $90 for rent, $180 facilitation and $55 for coordinator, or about $325 per dance. On Sundays we often don’t bring in that much, and that’s OK as long as Thursdays cover it. We are not trying to make money but to continue to offer two dances a week to the Santa Fe.
    Guthrie Miller
    EmbodyDance Community Council member

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