Welcome to Embodydance—Dancing your Journey from the Inside out

For more than 15 years, Embodydance has created community through gathering together in Ecstatic Dance—considered a sacred practice by many of our members. Every Thursday from 6:30–8:30pm and every Sunday from 3–5pm at the Railyard Performance Center in the heart of Santa Fe, Embodydance provides an opportunity to drop into profound connection with self, community, the world; with Source. We encourage you to come dance and move in freedom. Find out what it holds for you by experiencing the dance for yourself.

Discover the rich possibilities within and without…

We honor the path to ecstasy Gabrielle Roth mapped out, but we are not a 5Rhythms® dance community. To find out more about how we are different, read the “What We Are & Aren’t” page. Come dance with us!

October 2015 Ecstatic Dance Facilitators & Coordinators

Thu  1: Facilitator: Ana; Coordinator: Scott
Sun  4: Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: SanD
Thu  8: Facilitator: Kathleen; Coordinator: Samwell
Sun 11: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: Scott
Thu 15: Facilitator: Tracy; Coordinator: Doug
Sun 18: Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: Scott
Thu 22: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: Doug
Sun 25: Facilitator: Tracy; Coordinator: SanD
Thu 29: Special Longer pre-Halloween Dance—
***Costumes Encouraged***Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: Samwell

Overcoming Fear Of Dancing in Public


Ecstatic Thanks!

Party Dancing

I was at a “vinyl” birthday party. The music was great, all were dancing…but me. I was too self-conscious about dancing in public to enjoy this party. I decided to change that.

EmbodyDance Santa Fe

I knew EmbodyDance Santa Fe was a dance community, not just a place where dancing happens. I also knew it was not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. I expected that this might be a safe place to overcome my fear of dancing publicly.

Dancing Inhibition Overcome

My first visit to the dance affirmed my expectations. I was free to find my own way. I simply began by sitting in the room until I felt at ease. At some point, I decided to get up and move to the music a bit. Nobody was looking at me. The lights were soft. Everyone was doing their own thing in one big room, but not necessarily together. This space created an avenue that helped me to arrive at where I am today. Today, I am a person who loves to dance…anytime, anyplace!

Discount Dance Cards

Dance CardAs most of you know, recently the price of our dance went up from $10 to $12, to cover rising costs. But you can buy 8 dances for $80 instead of $96 (a $16 savings…sweet!) by pre-buying a discount dance card right here, online safe & secure, using any credit or debit/ATM card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. The transaction will be processed in real time and you will receive a confirming email. Print that email and bring it with you to your next dance to collect your card.