Welcome to Embodydance—Dancing your Journey from the Inside out

For more than 14 years, Embodydance has created community through gathering together in Ecstatic Dance—considered a sacred practice by many of our members. Every Thursday from 6:30–8:30pm and every Sunday from 3–5pm at the Railyard Performance Center in the heart of Santa Fe, Embodydance provides an opportunity to drop into profound connection with self, community, the world; with Source. We encourage you to come dance and move in freedom. Find out what it holds for you by experiencing the dance for yourself.

Discover the rich possibilities within and without…

We honor the path to ecstasy Gabrielle Roth mapped out, but we are not a 5Rhythms® dance community. To find out more about how we are different, read the “What We Are & Aren’t” page. Come dance with us!

December 2014 Facilitators & Coordinators

Sun Nov 30: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: Samwell

Thu   4: Facilitator: Kathleen; Coordinator: Samwell
Sun   7: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: SanD
Thu 11: Facilitator: Ben w/Tracy; Coordinator: Samwell
Sun 14: Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: SanD
Thu 18: Facilitator: Tracy; Coordinator: Doug
Sun 21: Winter Solstice Facilitator: John; Coordinator: Doug
Thu 25: Christmas Facilitator: Ana; Coordinator: Scott
Sun 28: Facilitator: Vi; Coordinator: Doug

Thu Jan  1: New Year’s Day Facilitator: Alec; Coordinator: TBA

HeartThread Workshops

Live As One
The next HeartThread workshops will be held on Friday November 28 from 6:30–9 pm at Raphael’s home, 1601 La Cieneguita, Apt D-1 (or at the Community Center beside it) and Sunday November 30 from 11 am–1:30 pm in Eldorado at  85 Moya.Rd. $15 donation.
Attendees of the last workshop were all very happy with their experiences. The more opportunities we have to practice giving and receiving sessions, the more adept we become and the more the layers of the onion peel away. If you come to both, the second is $10


Call Raphael at (575) 770 1228 for info and directions

Here is a testimonial about one person’s HeartThread sessions:
“I have had two HeartThread sessions, and both times I have been amazed at the power of this “therapy.” What makes this stand apart from other “therapies,” for me, is that it has “staying power.” In both instances I was able to take the healing effects with me on my journey. The truths and beauty that were revealed to me during the sessions only grew stronger as I went along my way. This is a true gift that I believe can help many people.” —Hilary C.

MOSI in Santa Fe

Grounding In The Body

MOSI (pronounced moh-zee) is an acronym for Mindfulness Oriented Somatic Inquiry, which is a mindful somatics practice community in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We practice body-oriented mindfulness meditation in the five “modes” of Stillness, Movement, Listening, Voice and Touch. To learn more about MOSI, check out our website at mindfulsomatics.org.

Discount Dance Cards

As most of you know, recently the price of our dance went up from $10 to $12, to cover rising costs. But you can buy 8 dances for $80 instead of $96 (a $16 savings…sweet!) by pre-buying a discount dance card right here, online safe & secure, using any credit or debit/ATM card with a Visa or Mastercard logo. The transaction will be processed in real time and you will receive a confirming email. Print that and bring it with you to your next dance and collect your card.

New Community Council member

Greetings Embodydancers,

Did You Know that the Embodydance Community Council recently added a new member? Greetings and thank you to Kim Cope! Read her bio here.

If any of you would like to serve on the Council and help keep the dance going, we are still short the required number of members. If you feel called to be of service, pull aside one of the current members at any dance to let them know you want to join.