What We Are

What IS EmbodyDance?

Within a sacred container created by the Facilitator for the evening, we dance to a program of music that can inspire movement, awareness and connection that is unique to each individual.

How Are We Different From The 5Rhythms® Practice?

First—and foremost—we do not teach. We observe non-verbal silence on the dance-floor and our Facilitators do not speak during the bell-curve of the dance. The philosophy of EmbodyDance is that our bodies already know how they want to move and we are encouraged to listen to our bodies in presence as they respond to the Facilitator’s musical program prepared uniquely for that evening.

Also, we are not a business. We do not certify teachers through a training program that allows them to start a new 5Rhythms® business of their own. We are a non-profit, community-owned and community-operated Member organization, and we have been dancing at least once a week since 2000. We are a stable and welcoming community of core staff, volunteers and participants, and many of us have been dancing with EmbodyDance from the very beginning.

We do believe that 5Rhythms® workshops and practices can inform our dance and can help us move into a place where we can gain maximum benefit from our EmbodyDance experience.