Volunteer Overview

EmbodyDance Coordinators are trained to maintain the safe and sacred container of our Dance. Part of their function is to oversee and, if needed, train or assist, a team of volunteers who help in the spirit of service to do these three jobs:

Volunteers must arrive to the dance space at least 1/2 hour early, so no later than 6:00 pm, and stay afterwards until your task is complete. If you are late, your job may be given to someone else. See each job description for additional requirement and terms.

But have no fear: you well get all the training, help, and support you need to do these jobs, and probably a lot more, as there are always extra h ands assisting unasked.

In appreciation of your contribution, EmbodyDance will waive the donation request for that dance session, or in the case of the Greeter position, two dance sessions.

Important: We ask that you please let us know as far in advance as possible if for any reason you cannot fulfill the job you signed up for by calling the Coordinator scheduled for your shift, whose number will be on the confirmation email you receive after signing up. You may also email coordinators@embodydancesantafe.org to cancel your commitment if at least 24 hours in advance.