Tracy Collins, Co-Founder

A life-long dancer and explorer of heart-centered, nature-based wisdom, Tracy’s around-the-world journey culminated in the realization of a long-held vision: the co-founding of EmbodyDance Santa Fe in 2000. Her professional show-dance career as both a performer and choreographer ended with a year immersed in the sacred world of Bali where she was chosen to apprentice with an indigenous high priestess in ceremonies and earth-based rituals and to interact with the energetic forces of nature. This life-changing experience, in her words, “turned her inside out.” She gained an underst anding that harmonious community (beginning from within) is essential and knew it was her dharma to return to America to promote this consciousness of inter-connectedness. Transformational dance pioneer Gabrielle Roth’s work was a map uniquely suited for embodying this consciousness and Tracy deeply immersed herself in the exploration and study of the 5Rhythms™ with Chris Werner & later with Gabrielle Roth.

Renovating an old church in Taos, NM, Tracy founded the “Dance of Life” Center and was the Artistic Director until 1995. During the next four years, she taught dance as a transformative path in Taos and also at the Railyard Performance Center in Santa Fe. In 1999 Austin Body Choir approached Tracy to co-found a branch of their organization in Santa Fe. This eventually grew into the community-owned and operated non-profit organization of today’s EmbodyDance Santa Fe. Serving as a Core-Facilitator since the inception of EmbodyDance Santa Fe, she was key in forming its mission statement as well as defining the roles of Facilitators and Coordinators, training new facilitators and planning and leading annual retreats. It was during this time period that Tracy conceived of the name & concept EmbodyDance: Dancing your Journey from the Inside Out.

Tracy pioneered many of the creative concepts that have made EmbodyDance Santa Fe more than an intentional dance, bringing the ideas of exercises, visualizations, ceremonies, rituals, elaborate altars, workshops and presentations to the growing community. As a co-sponsor she has produced 5Rhythms® weekend workshops with teachers Jonathan Horan, Kathi Altman, Amara Pagano and Sara Pagano. In 2009 and part of 2010 Tracy served as EmbodyDance’s Creative Director, helping it transition to a new governing structure that she was instrumental in birthing. Her passionate spirit, energy, humor and compassion for the human condition helps her alchemically blend experiences to create transformational journeys through dance. Tracy holds a B.A. in Dance Production, Mills College ’82.