The Dance

Prep: A short intention setting circle with the facilitator, coordinator, set-up folks and any community member who wishes to be a part. The prep begins promptly at 6:30pm Thursday.

Warm-Up: Serves as a transition from the outside world into sacred space. We center, stretch, start moving, getting present with ourselves and others.

Inspiration: The facilitator of the dance will either call you into circle, ask you to keep moving or simply do what comes naturally as the coordinator assisting facilitator presents the guidelines for dance. Then the facilitator will share words related to the chosen theme for the dance. Always universal, yet very human, the theme is the inspiration, or the result of the facilitator’s process in feeling the emotional/spiritual thread running through the program they created for that Dance. A brief exercise or visualization might happen or not happen here.

When I Dance Embodydance

Music: A wide variety of musical genres, songs from around the world, are woven by the facilitator in a seamless progression of rhythms. Beginning deep and slow, the tempo and energy increases reaching a shattering/ dissolve release point, opening into a lighter expanse, then winding down and resolving into a cohesive sense of wholeness/ completion.

Share: Share back circle is a chance for anyone to express verbally, anything pertaining to their own experience in the dance. This is not a dialog or conversation, rather the circle acts as sacred witness. Share backs are spontaneous, inspired, or observational. Once the share back feels complete, we go around the circle saying our names, and then open the circle up to community announcements. If you feel uncomfortable offering a share back in circle and wish to speak with someone about your experience, please feel free to dialogue with any member of the community council.