The Dance

The Order of Dance is:

  1. Set-up: Beginning at or before 6:00 pm, the Coordinator opens the space and directs a team of Volunteers to prepare for Dance.
  2. Opening Circle: Promptly at 6:30 pm, a short intention-setting circle with the Facilitator, Coordinator, set-up folks and any community member who wishes to join.
  3. Warm-Up: 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Serves as a time to transition and settle from the outside world into sacred space. We center, stretch, start moving, getting present with ourselves and others, getting into our bodies however we individually choose.
  4. Inspiration & Wave: 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm. The Facilitator may call us into circle, ask us to keep moving or simply do what comes naturally as the Coordinator briefly presents the guidelines. Then the Facilitator may share words related to their chosen theme for the dance, recite a poem, or whatever they choose to set their intention and welcome us into it. The theme is the inspiration that emerges from or was set into the Facilitator’s musical selections, their process in feeling the emotional/spiritual thread running through the program. A brief exercise or visualization might happen or not happen here.
  5. Share-back, Announcements & Closing Circle: This is a chance for anyone to verbally express anything of their own personal experience in the dance. This is not a dialog or conversation, rather the circle acts as sacred witness, holding silent space and offering no comment. Share-backs are spontaneous, inspired, or observational, as emerges in connected knowing from the person. Once the share-back feels complete, we go around the circle saying our names, and then around again for community announcements, each person looking to the next if they have none. If you feel uncomfortable offering a share back in circle and wish to speak with someone about your experience, please feel free to dialogue with any member of the Community Council or write a note online from the Contact page.

When I Dance EmbodyDance

The Music:

From today’s limitless variety of musical genres, songs from around the world and through the ages, the Facilitator weaves a journey in a seamless progression of rhythms. Beginning deep and slow; the tempo and energy increases; reaching a shattering, dissolving release point; opening into a lighter expanse; then winding down and resolving into a cohesive sense of wholeness and completion.

The Dance:

EmbodyDance is a place to explore movement ( and stillness) in a safe container. We endeavor to not judge each other or ourselves for what emerges but play and exalt like no one is watching. There is no right or wrong dancing here. You may never see elsewhere a greater sampling of individual styles and interpretations, and at times swarms of group energy may produce anything from a conga line to Masai leaping to formal waltz to a puppy pile. We are all free to express creatively and let the music dance us however we allow in every conscious and ecstatic moment.