The Altar

Altar/Installation Creator

The Altar is extremely important. It acts as spiritual grounding point for the dance.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the dance starts (6pm Thursday). If you are more than a few minutes late, the Coordinator may replace you.
  • Please cover the table with one or more cloths, keeping the ends from trailing out on the floor.
  • Many people like to include elemental objects like water, candles, stones, plants. You are welcome to bring your own items. Although there is a collection of altar items and cloths in the back cabinet, an altar created from your own items and personal intuition can be a powerful addition to the dance.
  • The altar should be completed by the time the dance session starts (6:30 pm Thursday).

Rules of the building owners

  • no tape or tacks on the wall
  • candles must be unscented, preferably in glass containers (there is a supply in the back cabinet)

The small red heart can be placed near the front of the altar table. It means: “Don’t touch the altar items.” (For example, when a precious or fragile personal possession is used). The red heart is kept in the cashbox.
Please take down the altar within 15 minutes after the closing circle.
(If you used the red heart, please put it back in the cashbox or give it to the Coordinator.)
You are entitled to free admission on the day of your service.

If you can’t make it or know you will be late, please post this on the Embodydance Facebook page and email, a day in advance.

Thanks again for your service!