Set Up and Restore

This service position entitles you to one free admission the day of service.

Please come 30 minutes before the dance starts (6pm Thursday).
If you are more than a few minutes late, the coordinator may replace you.
If you can’t make it or know you will be late, please post this on the Embodydance Facebook page and email, a day in advance. If you can find a replacement who is experienced at the job, please inform the coordinator.

Set-Up Tasks

  1. Sound equipment setup (first, immediate priority)
  2. Sweep the floor
  3. Set up chill space with pillows and blankets (to the left of the bathroom entrance)
  4. Put the sandwich board and sign out front (board is located in men’s bathroom)

Breakdown Tasks

  1. Sound equipment – speakers. The main audio units are handled by the coordinator
  2. Put chill space pillows and blankets away
  3. Put sandwich board and sign away
  4. Sweep the floor

The coordinator is on hand to instruct or assist the set-up person in setting up and restoring the sound equipment.

Thanks again for your service!