EmbodyDance Santa Fe

Saturday Special Event Dances – Call for Organizers

Call for Special Event Leaders to step forward with your concept and plan for a Saturday night dance theme. You (or you and team) will organize, promote, host, and facilitate the event and receive 40% of net proceeds – and the thanks and appreciation of the Community.

Get creative. Costume theme? Era? Music genre? Wave form variations? Inclusion of other elements (like Tracy’s fantastic 18-year celebration extravaganza)? Invitation of visiting dance facilitator or DJ luminaries – for dance, instruction, performance? Sky’s the limit (and that could be a theme).

ED will help promote the event with postings on our website homepage, via broadcast email to the Community list, Facebook, Meetup, John’s Enchanted Cafe weekly mailing, and provide you a list of local advertising outlets – the more you advertise and promote, the greater the attendance, the greater the success.

The space costs $250 and an ED coordinator must be paid $75 (those are the two expenses that come out of the gross door take), unless you have one on your team who will participate for a share of the 40%, or whatever you agree with them.

Please approach the CC in person, via email or APF, or attend a CC meeting to present your proposal.

Let’s mix this up and have some fun.