Membership in EmbodyDance, Inc.

EmbodyDance was established in the spirit of membership and full community ownership and operation via consensus decision-making at community meetings. Over the years, that gave way to a representative “government”, which, as community participation waned, ultimately was isolated from community input and oversight. To restore the founding intentions and enfranchise the community legally, we, the current Community Council – which is now the legal board of the corporation, are re-writing our legal documents to include formal membership, which is open to all who attend EmbodyDance. This is a work in progress through 2020.

The following is a draft of the Rights of Members per the new, not-as-yet ratified bylaws:

  1. Being free of duties or obligations – all participation is optional.
  2. Voting in Community Council (CC) elections annually.
  3. Running for election to and serving on the CC.
  4. Becoming a Facilitator, Coordinator, or holding other EmbodyDance positions.
  5. Voting on significant issues via referendum.
  6. Attendance at CC meetings (as non-consensus participant).
  7. The challenge of CC decisions via an Action of Eight.

Please give comment via an APF or attend a CC meeting if you have issue with these or wish to suggest additional rights. There will be ample notice to the closing of comment on this and all aspects of the new bylaws, but sooner is better.

Only registered members will be able to participate in the “political” life and leadership of EmbodyDance and influence its ongoing evolution.

So please register as a member now by clicking this link.