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Agenda (Draft): CC Meeting January 14, 2019, 6:30pm, chez Duija

Facilitator: Persten; Notes: Duija

    1. Establish quorum
    2. Read and approve CC meeting minutes of last meeting
    3. New business?
    4. AFP items:
      • None yet
    5. Action items:
      • Manager:
        1. Done: follow-up newsletter w/ 5Elements event, Annual Party, etc.
        2. Done: website postings and copy link for Newsletter to Persten
        3. Done: New cork board, $37.94
        4. Done: Spotify setup
        5. In process: sound system and music quality review committee (report on progress)
        6. Pending:
          In process: work with Michela about changes in volunteer sign-up
          In process: change all “free” admission/dance” to “waive donation request”
          In process: update coordinator protocol
          In process, updated: Bylaws & OM
          Not done: meeting with accountant, resolution of 1099 questions
          Not done (long-term): add panel surge protection; update all narrative web pages
      • Persten: Done: sent Facilitator Training Protocols
      • Alec: Done: EmbodyDance Spotify account
    6. Manager report on other items:
      • Financial anomalies
      • Spotify and FB accounts
    7. Facilitator Training Protocols – Persten
    8. Status on Annual Party prep
    9. Follow-up on 5Elements event with reporting by Tracy
    10. Proposal to make EmbodyDance officially and explicitly neutral on politics and religion
    11. For consensus:
      • Neutral on politics and religion
    12. Set next meeting date & place, facilitator, agenda items

For location and directions, please email the manager.

All registered Members are welcome at any CC meeting without prior arrangement or notice. We ask that you have read the minutes of several past meetings and thus be educated on ED current affairs, be familiar with the meeting process and purpose, and participate constructively if you wish to speak. For any point of consensus, you may be involved in the discussions and register objections but not to block consensus unless part of an Action of Eight. If you have a suggestion or item to add to the meeting agenda, please submit an Agenda Proposal Form (APF) at least a week before the next meeting date, and the CC will confirm by return email the meeting date at which your item will be heard. Please attend that meeting to advocate for your item, or it may be dropped from the agenda.

Community Council Meeting Minutes 2019

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