Community Agreements (Dance Guidelines)

We create sacred space in a shared container for each EmbodyDance. As such, we have some guidelines that all may enter the dance for their own enjoyment and transformation.

  1. We dance barefoot or with soft feet (socks dance slippers or non-street /non-marking soft shoes).
  2. We maintain a Non-Verbal space, communicating through our body’s language, singing, or non-conversational vocalizations. If you need to have a conversation, please take it out of the Dance space. Natural spontaneous sounds are great and happen often!
  3. We respect boundaries, our own as well as each others’. We ask you to heighten your awareness and tune into the bigger energetic bodies that extend beyond the flesh. Tend to your own needs and be sensitive to the needs of others. Please be aware of other’s signals and communications and respect a dancer’s right to their “yes” and their “no”—if someone turns away and doesn’t wish to engage or they respond affirmatively to your overture and choose to engage.  Choose to take space to dance alone, or to participate in the ever-changing possibilities of interacting with others from one-on-one to larger groups. Contact Improvisation dancers are part of our family but not exempt from respectful sharing of space!
  4. Fragrance-Free space—please be mindful of those with chemical sensitivities. We ask that you not wear any colognes, perfumes, essential oils, or other products with fragrances to the Dance (or to wash them off upon arrival). We also ask that come with good hygiene as to not contribute any overwhelming personal fragrance, however natural.
  5. Alcohol- and Drug-Free space—We ask that you honor a safe and sober space in order to be mindful of yourselves and others on the dance floor. If you are perceptively “under the influence” you may be refused admission or asked to leave by the Coordinator.
  6. Safe Space: Although, and of course because we sign the Release of Liability at every sign-in, taking full responsibility for our own actions and safety, we are at the same time responsible for everyone’s safety. This means moving with control and care, keeping our eyes open unless still and stationary, and communicating clearly with others – including involving the Coordinator in case of any conflict or emergency. Safety also has emotional and values dimensions, so please be sensitive to not transgressing other’s limits.


Release of Liability Waiver Language on the Sign-in Sheet:

I understand that participating in EmbodyDance (ED) involves physical movement and, to whatever extent I choose for myself, strenuous physical exercise which carries risk of injury or harm to myself or from others moving in proximity. I understand that I must assess my own capabilities and limits with respect to all activities at ED and regulate myself accordingly. I take full responsibility for myself, my actions, my safety, boundaries, health, and general wellbeing. I will inform the Coordinator prior of any existing injury or other condition that might affect my ability to participate and any that occur during my attendance, for which I accept full responsibility. I hereby waive and release any claim for injury of any sort for any reason against EmbodyDance, Inc. or any person or entity in any way involved therewith, including without limitation its principals, directors, contractors, agents, members and participants. I have carefully read this Release, fully understand and agree to its terms, and freely sign my name in acknowledgment:

When we sign our names on the sign-in form at every Dance, we are agreeing to these terms.