Table, Money, Deposit Sheet

The Greeter is the representative face of EmbodyDance for most people who attend or enquire. You welcome the Dancers, communicate for sign-in and donation, answer questions, and then tally, organize and record the money and numbers.


  1. This service position earns a donation request waiver on the day of service and for one additional dance (total of two).
  2. Please come at least 30 minutes before the dance starts (by 6:00 pm Thursday). If you are late, the Coordinator may replace you without notice. If you can’t make it or know you will be late, please call the Coordinator (whose name is shown next to the date in the Facilitators & Coordinators schedule on the website homepage, and whose number is on the confirmation email you will receive after sign-up) or, if at least 24 hours in advance, email Coordinators. If you can find a replacement who is experienced at the job, please inform the Coordinator.
  3. Please endeavor to be up to date on special events, general affairs of the organization, and the occasional changes in procedure that will be reflected in the current version of the following lists:

Set-up tasks:

  1. The Set-Up volunteer or Coordinator will put out the table and Greeter bin (or you may).
  2. Please cover the table with the cloth in the Greeter bin.
  3. Take out and arrange the cashbox, laminated table signs, light, pens, card punch tool, binder, and orient yourself to all required tools and materials.
  4. Count the money in the “FLOAT $40” envelope in the cashbox; it should be $40 – but record the actual amount on the Deposit Calculation sheet if not.
  5. Organize the bills into the cashbox top tray.
  6. From the binder, take out a full set of the Sign-in sheets (may be single-sided or double-sided, so two or four sheets), and load them on the clipboard. Fill in the date, your name, the Coordinator, and the volunteers.
  7. Take out a Deposit sheet and fill in the top data, keeping the sheet at the ready to record punch card sales and checks, anomalies, notes, etc.
  8. Also be familiar with the other contents of the binder, such as child waiver form (for holiday dances), job description sheets, business license and legal materials, etc.
  9. Locate the punch cards envelope (in the cash box) and have at the ready if anyone wants to purchase.
  10. Correct the names of staff and volunteers on the small whiteboard with whiteboard marker as needed and lean it against the wall.
  11. Check that there are a few earplug packets in the cashbox (the main supply is in the back cabinet). Put a couple earplug packets out on the table and offer them free of charge.
  12. On dark (winter) evenings, set up the light near the sign-in clipboard.
  13. Only EmbodyDance materials are displayed on the table, no private flyers. This is also the case for the CC notice board and all other EmbodyDance elements. Anyone who wishes to make announcements may do so at closing circle.

Welcoming, Sign-in & Donations:

  1. You are the “face” of EmbodyDance as people come in off the street to attend or ask questions.
  2. Please welcome everyone warmly to our sacred space in a spirit of silence or a quiet greeting and direct them to sign in.
  3. If they seem new, ask if they are, and if so have them read the Release statement at the top of the sign in sheet, point out the Community Agreements sheet on the table, and make sure they check the First-Time column on the sign-in. If they present a “first-time” pass card they likely expect to not make a donation – though you can let them know all donations are of course welcome if they’re on the fence about it. Collect the card and punch it, put it with the money.
  4. Most people know how much they intend to donate, but for those who ask, indicate something to the effect that “the requested donation is $12-15, but any amount is acceptable and appreciated”. We accept cash or check (please record the name, check number, and amount of checks on the Deposit sheet).
  5. The punch card is $88 (current set price minimum, but more can be given) and waives donation requests for 8 dances. Record the buyer’s surname and number on the card envelope and also on the Deposit sheet. If more than $88 is donated, write that amount on the card. If asked whether we accept credit cards, point to the table sign instructing payment and donations via PayPal.
  6. If you need to speak with someone for more than a few seconds, please step into the side room or outside the door to hold the conversation and ask the Coordinator to stand in if dancers are waiting in line or arriving.
  7. If someone smells noticeably of perfume or essential oils, please explain that this is a fragrance-free event and space and ask them to please wash it off (or notify the Coordinator).
  8. If someone smells strongly of alcohol or drugs or is obviously and significantly under the influence of same, please call the Coordinator to discuss with that person. It is left to the discretion of the Coordinator to allow that person in or to ask them to leave.
  9. If you are unsure about anything, ask the Coordinator.
  10. If a dancer has a problem you cannot easily resolve, direct them to the Coordinator.
  11. If there is any indication of a disagreement or conflict or safety issue you cannot immediately resolve, involve the Coordinator.
  12. During any free moments, work on the administrative and recording tasks, such as filling in what you can on the Deposit sheet, so there is less to do later.
  13. The Coordinator will take over the welcoming/money collection after the warm-up.

First-Time Dancer Orientation:

A good way to let a new person know how it all works with a minimum of talk is to point out the guidelines on the table and have them read the Release statement at the top of the sign in sheet, print and sign their name and tick the “first time” column. You can tell them there will also be a guideline orientation between the warm-up and wave. If they require more conversation, please step out with them or ask the Coordinator to do so.


  1. Children (12 and under) are welcome at public holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) dances if those land on a Thursday, and by exception to be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Coordinator.
  2. EACH TIME a child dances, the guardian must sign a Child Waiver form (in binder).

Additional Sign-in and Donation Guidelines

  1. Everyone should sign and print their name on the sign-in sheet before going onto the dance floor and fill in the relevant columns. Please watch for those who do not complete this task. It is important that their printed name be legible. Don’t hesitate to remind them to print. This is for legal reasons.
  2. A donation is asked of each dancer (even if they are late), the standard being $12-15 or a punch card ($11 value per punch). (The donation is not a requirement, it is a request, as we are a non-profit with a policy of no required fees for participation.) Checks should be made out to “EmbodyDance”.
  3. Use a separate money box compartment for each type of bill ($1, 5, 10, 20). Have the heads on the bills all face the same direction for the ease of the person making the deposit at the bank.
  4. Some dancers, mainly the Facilitators, Coordinators, and Community Council Members record a Work Exchange in place of a donation, checking that column at sign-in.
  5. If someone starts dancing without signing in, including Facilitators, please ask them to sign in, or notify the Coordinator. This includes the mucketymucks who might appear to think they don’t have to.

Sale and Recording of Punch Cards:

  1. Record the payment on the Sign-in Sheet ($88) as a regular donation.
  2. Record the four-digit serial number of the punch card on the Deposit Calculation sheet, have the purchaser write their card number in the Card Punched column on the Sign-in Sheet, and fill in their contact phone number on the punch cards envelope. Write their name, yours and the date on the front of the envelope.
  3. Don’t forget to punch the card if they are dancing.

Deposit Calculation Sheet and Final Money Handling:

  1. Please finish the counting, recording, and clean-up within 15 minutes after the closing circle.
  2. Organize the cash by denomination.
  3. Our bank Depositor person appreciates it if you stack the bills all facing and oriented the same way. Banks want this.
  4. Count out $40 from the smallest bills available (no coin) and place in the envelope marked “FLOAT $40” and put back in the cashbox.
  5. Finish totaling the Sign-in sheets columns to get sheet totals and record them on page 4 of the Sign-in sheets, sum to get Sign-in Sheets Grand Totals.
  6. Then record the same grand totals on the Deposit sheet for (1) Attendees, (2) Cards Punched, (3) First Time Comp, (4) Work Exchange, and then, from the Card Punch Envelope, the number of cards sold, along with card number and surname of purchaser.
  7. Record the Sign-in Sheets Grand Total for donations received on the Deposit sheet at Sheet(s) Grand Total.
  8. Count and record the value totals for each denomination of the remaining money on the Deposit sheet—coins, $1, $5, $10 etc., and then checks, entering the check number and surname. Calculate the cash total and the checks total, then sum to get (6), the Deposit Total Cash + Checks.
  9. If the Sheet(s) Grand Total is different from the physical count yielding the Deposit Total, record that difference on the Deposit sheet Notes section at the bottom.
  10. If the starting total was not $40, record the actual amount on the Deposit sheet Notes section at the bottom.
  11. Also Note any exceptional donation, either high or low (not card sales).
  12. Fold the Sign-in Sheet and Deposit sheet around the stack of remaining money and checks and put the packet inside a fabric bank bag (from cashbox).
  13. Give the envelope to the bank Depositor person (Raphael or his designate). If that person is not available, give to a 1) CC member (preferably the Manager), 2) Facilitator, or 3) Coordinator in that order.
  14. Put the cashbox and binder and signs and everything that came out of the Greeter bin back inside, then back in the EmbodyDance cabinet.

Seems like a lot, but not so hard once you do it. And you’ll get all the support you need to get it right.

Thanks again for your service!