This service position entitles you to one free admission in the future, plus free admission the day of service. When you sign up for this job, please note the name and number of the coordinator for that day.

Please come 30 minutes before the dance starts (6pm Thursday).
If you are more than a few minutes late, the coordinator may replace you.
If you can’t make it or know you will be late, please email, preferably a day in advance. If you can find a replacement who is experienced at the job, please inform the coordinator.


  • You are the “face” of Embodydance Santa Fe as people come in off the street.
  • Please welcome them warmly to our sacred space in a spirit of silence.
  • If they seem new, ask if they are, and if so give them a membership form to read and fill out. (See “first-time dancer” below.)
  • If you need to speak with someone for more than a few seconds, please step into the side room or outside the door to hold the conversation.
  • If someone smells of perfume or essential oils, please explain that this is a fragrance-free event, and ask them to wash it off (or notify the coordinator).
  • If you are unsure about anything, ask the coordinator.
  • If a dancer has a problem, direct them to the coordinator.

First-time dancer

  • Each first-time dancer must write their name on the front of a membership form (other data is optional), and sign the waiver on the back.
  • A good way to let a new person know how it works with a minimum of talk is to point out the guidelines on the membership form.


  • Everyone should sign in before going onto the dance floor, and fill in the relevant columns. If someone starts dancing without signing in, please ask them to sign in, or notify the coordinator.

Thanks again for your service!