EmbodyDance Santa Fe

EmbodyDance Newsletter, December 2018

Dear EmbodyDancers,

2018 has seen a lot of behind-the-curtain change, and change will continue into the New Year. The CC is working to make all that change accessible if you want to know about it and participate, but also to maintain continuity so that all you really need to know is that EmbodyDance is thriving… because of your participation. Thank you.

  • Congratulations to Hannah, who will soon be graduating the Facilitator Training and just did her first wave under the tutelage of Tracy and the other Facilitators. And encouragement to Persten and Elise, who are the next wave.
  • Thank you to our:
    • Facilitators – Tracy, Alec, Ana, and Elizabeth.
    • Coordinators – Doug, Samwell, SanD, and Jay.
    • Retiring CC/Board – Francesca, Julie, and Steve… for your service and many contributions.
    • And to all the other volunteers and contract staff who make EmbodyDance possible and wonderful.
  • Reminder: families are welcome at holiday dances under a few additional guidelines, so please check in with the coordinator as you are responsible for children you bring.

Special Event Saturday Dances:

Ana will (tentatively) host on Saturday, February 16th, 2019, 7-10 pm, a “Cacao/Chocolate EmbodyDance Special Event”, which will be confirmed and announced again to those who are signed up on MailChimp for special event notifications.

And the call is still out for facilitators to propose events. Could it be you?

Membership Drive:

In February 2019, we will hold our first-ever formal Annual Member Meeting, officially establishing the democratic power of our Members to elect and fully legitimize the CC. If you have not yet done so, please visit our website, www.EmbodyDanceSantaFe.org, and sign up. Membership rights will include:

  • Being free of duties or obligations – all participation is optional
  • Run for election to the Community Council (CC)
  • Vote annually for CC Representatives and at any other meetings of the Members
  • Vote by referendum on major EmbodyDance decisions
  • Attend CC meetings (as non-consensus participant)
  • Challenge or overturn CC decisions (per prescribed processes)

Call for Community Council Representative Candidates:

As a Member, you may run for election to the Community Council, which has nine seats. Three are currently open, and of course any may be contested. This is a volunteer position (with perks like donation request waived for all dances). The Community Council meets once or twice a month to conduct the “business” of EmbodyDance. We operate on a consensus-based decision-making model (see our guidelines online) and in the spirit of harmonious and respectful cooperation and collaboration, serving the good of the EmbodyDance Community per our mission statement.

Community Council Elections and Annual Member Meeting:

On February 1st, all Members will be emailed a link to vote for Community Council Representatives online, those votes to be tallied and reported at our Annual Member meeting set for mid-February. At the meeting the CC will also report briefly on year-end finances, status of projects, and take questions or engage in dialogue on subjects of interest or concern to the Members.

Year-End Donations:

It’s that time again to do year-end tax planning. If your situation and heart allow, EmbodyDance will gratefully accept your tax-exempt donation. We are thankfully relieved of financial duress, and yet there are ways we can use additional funds, perhaps with your inspiration, to enlarge, extend or otherwise elevate our Dance and presence in the Community. Please let us know if you’d wish to participate in such a conversation.

CC updates:

We have continued to work slowly but steadily on bylaws and Operating Manual updates, implementing Membership, refining our website, and streamlining our administration and processes to run more efficiently and sustainably. And we’re always open to suggestions and constructive criticism from Members.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2019.

See you at Dance.

The CC

(…which is currently John Meade, Alec Walling, Duija Ros, Christopher Hassell, Persten Halverson, and Allan Sindelar.)