Ecstatic Dance in Santa Fe

EmbodyDance Leadership 2018

EmbodyDance is going through some changes in its leadership structure and practices and revising its legal documents to reflect these changes, which were deemed necessary in order to fully restore integrity to the commitment of Community ownership and operation, and to comply with law.

As a dancer, you won’t notice any of this for a while and there’s nothing we need you to do just yet, but for those with an interest in the politics and administration of the organization, we’ll post developments here, updating and expanding the following list as changes are implemented:

1. Board of Directors and Community Council:

a. Consensed in principle at 3/25/18 full staff meeting (with details consensed in following meetings): The Board of Directors and Community Council (CC) will merge – the current CC members in good standing being appointed to vacant BOD seats, making a nine-member legal board, serving staggered two-year terms, which we will call the Community Council. The CC will manage daily affairs by quorum at (“regular”) bi-weekly meetings and significant issues and legally-required tasks at full-member annual, regular, and special meetings.
b. Ratified formally at 4/25/18 Board meeting.
c. Status: The CC members are: Francesca Shrady, John Mead, Alec Walling, Julie Glassmoyer, Duija Ros, Steve Dulfer, Christopher Hassell, Persten Halverson, and one open position.

2. Officers and Contractors:

a. Officer positions are under review, as is the relationship of the organization with its contractors.
b. Contractors comprise: Facilitators, Coordinators, Manager, Webmaster, and Bookkeeper, as well as other positions created by the CC.
c. Status: in progress.

3. Articles and Bylaws:

a. Amended articles and a wholly new set of bylaws will be consensed detail by detail, ratified, and filed in due course.
b. Articles and bylaws are posted on the website.
c. Status: in progress.

4. Community “Members”:

a. EmbodyDance was never, legally, a membership organization, meaning that our notions of Community decision-making and operation had no legal basis or effect. We are changing this, and once the new bylaws are ratified, anyone who attends EmbodyDance will be able to apply to become a member and thereafter formally participate in the operation of the organization.
b. The CC will create a website signup page and publish an invitation to join as a member after bylaws ratification (or perhaps before).
c. Rights of Members will include:
        i. Being free of duties or obligations – all participation is optional
        ii. Voting in CC elections annually.
        iii. Running for election to CC.
        iv. Voting on significant issues via referendum.
        v. Attendance at meetings.
        vi. Join (or leave) various email groups to receive notices, etc.
        vii. The right to challenge CC decisions.
        viii. And likely more, to be defined…
d. Status: in progress.

5. Meetings & Notices:

a. There will be annual, regular and special meetings of the CC. There may also be special Member meetings.
b. All EmbodyDance Members may attend any meeting for which notice is published (see guidelines for constructive participation).
c. Notice and agendas will be posted on the website.
d. Approved minutes will be posted on the website.

6. Operating Manual:

a. Concurrent with the development of the foregoing, the CC is creating an Operating Manual (OM!) to define and clarify Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and policy of the organization, and to memorialize changes in its archive.
b. The OM will be posted on the website.