DJ Wildcat


Born in the Oklahoma Seminole Nation I moved around a lot growing up, living in a number of different cultures in this country. I got into psychedelics and dance in my teens. Psychedelics and dance are a big part of my spiritual relationship with reality, as are meditation, asana, and time in nature. My dogs and my partner are my family and we spend as much time playing outdoors as possible. I studied mathematics and mechanical engineering in school then left it all behind to de regenerative ecology work, focusing on soil microbiology, especially on the fungi.


Musically my focus is on the beautiful, the psychedelic, the emotionally stirring, the deeply funky, the healthy sexy, and on soundscapes which paint vivid pictures within me. I love organic indigenous musical traditions from around the world, I love African and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, I love modern combinations of these old traditions, and I love the new spaces where modern electronica production styles interface with these old traditions. My favorite dance tracks have the rooted, Earthy, indigenous elements grounding them, the core-centered strong sexuality, the chest-centered urban style cool funk sensibility, and the super psychedelic spiritual science informing my spirit as I move to them.