DJ Anyu, Rodney Fox

Many people have monkey mind; a continual flow of words and narration rolling through their mind. But ever since the advent of techno music when he was just 17 years old, Ahyu has had a continual flow of similar music flowing in his head. It’s a bit of a sickness, really.

All his life he vowed to be a DJ when he grew up. At 50, he decided he was finally grown up (some would say that’s debatable) and needed to finally fulfill that dream; of being the one driving and designing the beats that make people want to shake, rattle, and roll.

In addition to street busking with his portable DJ setup, he particularly likes crafting unique, flowing ecstatic dance waves – creating journeys for folks to express themselves fully.

Additionally, Ahyu is currently working on his own music production, specializing in music for ecstatic dance.
Some of his dance waves can be found on SoundCloud:

Ahyu lives as sustainably as possible, off the grid, near the town of Madrid, where he spends most of his free time studying ancient history and megalithic architecture.