Contact & Agenda Proposal Form (APF)

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For press, media, PR, special events,
etc., contact our Executive Director:

This form is for general contact and also to submit an item for addition to the Community Council agenda. This could be a suggestion, offer, proposal, event idea, or concern.

The Community Council normally meets every two or four weeks. Please check the current agenda and/or most recent meeting minutes to view the time and location of the upcoming meeting. Suggestions are reviewed and discussed in the order they are received and in-line with other business.

Any registered ED Member may come and observe or participate in a Community Council meeting. While you are always welcome to attend a CC meeting, the CC may specifically request your presence at a meeting to advocate for your proposal.

Any ED community member may come and observe a Community Council meeting. If you plan to attend, please arrive on time as to not interrupt the flow of the meeting.

Meeting minutes will be posted on the meeting minutes website page under the “Community” tab within 7-10 days after each community council meeting. Please review the meeting minutes to find out the status or dispensation of your request in addition to logistics for the next meeting.

The Community council operates in a fully transparent manner and there are no “secret” or anonymous sharing of suggestions. If the topic of your suggestion is of a sensitive nature, please speak with a CC member to help you word your suggestion in a kind and compassionate manner.