EmbodyDance Santa Fe

Annual Membership Meeting

2019 EmbodyDance, Inc. Annual Meeting Agenda

From 7:00 – 7:30 pm on February 9, 2019, the CC – the legal Board of Directors of EmbodyDance, Inc. – will facilitate our Annual Membership Meeting in circle. The official, pro-forma aspects will be kept to an expeditious minimum.

(Regarding CC elections: as there were fewer candidates than open seats and therefore no competition for these seats, there was no requirement for an election for 2019. The process in this case reverts to an established set of protocols for vetting candidates for open seats, culminating in the serving CC consensing the appointment of the candidates. This has been completed and the final slate of CC members for 2019 is as below, #3.)

  1. Welcome, EmbodyDance and Community Council orientation, read Consensus Statement. (Duija)
  2. Thank-you to retiring CC members Francesca Shrady, John Meade, Julie Glassmoyer, Steve Dulfer, and Persten Halverson. (Duija)
  3. Introduction of 2019 CC (Duija Ros, Alec Walling, Christopher Hassell, and Allan Sindelar continuing) with welcome to new members Scott Shuker and Vicki Glow (Duija)
  4. Recognitions of Contribution: Tracy Juechter, Guthrie Miller, and Tracy Collins. (Christopher)
  5. Brief explanation of organizational changes and election/appointment process (Christopher)
  6. 2018 Accomplishments and Financial Summary: (Allan)
    • In 2018, our net loss was $23 on a gross of $34,650, having:
      • held 52 Thursday and several special event dances,
      • spent heavily on a lot of catch-up work and deferred maintenance,
      • reinstated “free” first-dance card policy,
      • eliminated payment by Facilitator trainees,
      • restored “staff” contractor pay to previous levels,
      • held a first-ever “full staff meeting”,
      • relaxed our grip with contractors and asked them to do more,
      • reorganized and better secured our records and documents,
      • improved our materials and web presence,
      • refreshed our membership with lots of young energy,
      • upgraded our communications, marketing and platforms,
      • secured our web domains and communications archives,
      • (and though still in final stages of implementation), brought our organizational structure and practices into alignment with both law and our evolved community intentions and mission,
      • moved our banking to a local credit union and cleaned up our accounting,
      • been generous with community allies
      • and not held a fundraiser or lost a CC member to burn-out.
    • Statistical tracking in the fourth quarter shows stable and sustainable numbers overall with average donation of about $11.25 from an average of 60 EmbodyDancers.
    • We have over $10,000 in the bank, up from under $3,000 and dropping fast two years ago. This is a comfortable and necessary reserve to cover equipment failures and upgrades, unforeseen contingencies, completion of major projects, special events, etc.
  7. 2019 CC Goals include: a budget & marketing plan; improve our sound system and placement; finish Operating Manual & revised Bylaws; finish clean-up; 2nd spring annual full staff meeting; update Community Council, Officer, Facilitator, Coordinator, Business Manager and other contractor job descriptions; work on CC, F, & C relationships;
  8. Question and Answer, dialogue with CC and each other. (Facilitated by Alec)

Full financials are available to any Member for the asking, as are all of our legal documents and full archive of records.

See you all in Circle.

The CC