Ana Bee Gonzales

From the early days of her older siblings’ interest in Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and experiences following her brother’s drum set beats, Ana has loved the dance as her own bodily instrument that moves readily to experience and create beyond the boundaries of body into spirit. She has studied various forms of dance throughout the years, and found free form to be the deepest expression of clarity and creation within the constructs of being human.

Ana began to attend EmbodyDance in the Fall of 2004 and often recounts the story of how the twice-weekly dance helped her find her own rhythm again, and helped her and husband Teo to find their relationship renewed after their first seven years of marriage ( and two children). The dance provided the internal exploration for their healing as a couple, and renewed their commitment to one another…which led to her wanting to give back to this form as a member of the Community Council and now Facilitator and Business Manger for EmbodyDance.