Alec Walling, Treasurer

Alec always liked to move to music as a child, but did not like to follow instructions so he never learned to “dance.” Then in the summer of 1977 at the Rainbow Gathering in the Gila Wilderness in his native New Mexico, at night around a fire-lit drum session, he realized that he could dance his way and that it was fine.

He danced as often as possible to live music by himself or with others and enjoyed the feelings and the mental states he arrived at. Then about five or six years ago some close friends and dance buddies took him to EmbodyDance Santa Fe. It was a perfect match. Basically an introvert at heart, he shyly danced on his own, slowly opening up to the very open community of dancers, and he also started training with the facilitators on retreats and workshops to learn how to take his love of music and movement and start to create sets of music that fit the EmbodyDance format. He is still learning and thanks Tracy, Mishra, Kathleen, Gya, Roses, and Marianna for sharing their knowledge with him.