Toolbox Web Design delivers for (EDSF) has been redesigned by Alex Martinez of Toolbox Web Design. He has done an excellent job at hearing our needs, and responding thoroughly with the redesign of our website. Specifically, the CC has turned to Toolbox Web Design to make our site more responsive in loading on your phone, computer or tablet…and more easily navigated once you enter the site.

Toolbox Web Design has also added calendar so that community announcements can be shared on the website. Dancers at EDSF are invited to submit EDSF-related content in the form of a blog, news announcement, or add circle-announced events to the web calendar. The ultimate goal is to fortify connections within the EmbodyDance community, and also to enhance our visibility on the web to newcomers.

If you have something to share on the website, please plan ahead. Updates will typically be made once each month. Most often, during the first week of each month. You may access Community Council contact information for this purpose at the top of each page of the website.

In addition to the structural work of Toolbox Web Design, EDSF has also benefitted from dedicated efforts of Michela Aveta who has been (and will continue) performing monthly maintenance on the website.  John Cavanagh has continually supported each of these web team members during this transition period. We have been so blessed to have this cooperative team of caring professionals.