Sunday Dance ON HOLD through July-August

Loving Embodydance community:

On Monday, June 5th, 2017, the CC along with other concerned members of our dancing community met to address ongoing business, but most especially our Summer situation and Sunday Dance.

We have a few variables to contend with this summer. As you all may or may not know, Tracy C is already in Maine and will not return until September. Ana will be leaving after her June 15th Facilitation, and will also be away until September.  Although we are sad to have them temporarily leave us, we are heartened in the hopeful knowing that they will return to us with a refreshed energy to share with us through their fabulous facilitation, dedication and work for our dance community. We are also adjusting to the fact that Tracy J, who has played a major role on the CC, will be leaving to support her fiancé, Peter Debenedttis, in his campaign for governor: good luck!

The summer also brings good news. Alec remains steady and strong as Facilitator, and Jyn is nearing full Facilitator status after extensive training with Ana. M, Hannah and Jay J are also training to be a Facilitators. In addition to continuing to provide trainings amid her travel, Ana has also stepped up to donate (Yay!) her waves throughout her absence. She will get them to us for her scheduled facilitation slots to be played by several of our community dancers who have stepped-up to assist. Added to these celebrations is the wonderful, ongoing commitment of our current CC members: Ana, Julie, Duija, Jay J, Alec W, Jay L and our newest member Christopher. Those of us who voluntarily showed-up at the CC meeting, Francesca & Samwell, wish to acknowledge and extend our thanks for their steadfast, loving commitment. This is the kind of community contribution that has kept us going for over 17 years and will ensure our ongoing dance into the future. Thank you all!

Sunday Dance, although spiritually sustaining, continues to pose financial challenge. The CC engaged in much debate and careful consideration of the many factors coming to light, including but not limited to the forced cancellation of our May fundraiser due to lack of participation. The CC arrived at full consensus and is enacting the courageous decision of pausing Sunday Dance for this coming July and August. We are currently in communication with our Railyard landlord (Elise) to insure we respect our responsibility in regards to the leased space.

Although this is a temporary measure as we pause to re-evaluate how best to move forward, the simple truth is that Sunday Dance is not financially sustainable in its current form. Although our Thursday Dance remains viable and strong, the strain it undergoes to carry Sunday Dance leaves us in an ongoing precarious position. The CC has has been concerned that a serious emergency or catastrophic event may spell jeopardy. It may simply be that Sunday Dance is no longer of such importance to our full community; certainly our preference is to save it.

Therefore, we make our strongest appeal possible to our full community to get involved to save Sunday Dance. We don’t just need your opinion that it should be saved. The simple truth is that your sustained donation of time, money and effort, is needed to continue our Sunday Dance. So please, let us know how you feel. If you wish to save our sacred Sunday Dance, back that up with the required and sustained donation of your time, money and effort.

Currently, we anticipate that we would need donations of between $3,000 to $8,000. A dedicated committee of volunteers that will work hard and bring forth creative and financially-savvy ideas can most possibly come up with a permanent solution for Sunday Dance. We invite you to participate, and the CC will continue to convey word of efforts and analysis in this regard via meeting minutes regularly posted on our website. Thank you!

As always, blessings to all of us! Blessings to our Dance!

The Embodydance Community Council


  1. Friends and supporters of EmbodyDance Santa Fe!

    Let’s get together Sunday 18-June at my house (509 Camino Lejo) to brainstorm possible alternatives to eliminating the Sunday dance. Crisis=Opportunity. We know this practice is good for us individually, our ED community, the larger community of Santa Fe, and the world. How can we keep this offering at its present level or even expand it? How can we spread the word? Join me in stepping up. Bring yourself, some food to share, an open mind and heart.

    Some or all of us from this meeting (Sunday night) will attend the Community Council meeting the next day (Monday 19-June) and communicate in a friendly and clear way our point of view to the entire Council.
    Much love,

    1. Way 2go Guthrie! Thank U 4being concerned and stepping up! With ur help and the rest of our Dance community’s dedication of time, effort & money (with either a direct tax deductible donation or help in raising funds), we have a fighting chance 2be able 2re-birth our Sunday dance with new vitality, Love & all the financial support it needs 2continue with us into the future! The stronger the commitment is to respond to this “crisis” the surer it will be 4us to succeed! Yay! I’ll definitely be there at your house on Sunday at 6:30 pm and also on Monday for the upcoming CC meeting.

      Peace, Blessings & Love!

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