Experimental Sundays

While Sunday Dance is on Hold

In response to Embodydance Community Council’s decision to put Sunday dance on hold through July and August, a group of dedicated individuals in our community, led by Guthrie Miller, has decided to take up the mantle with a new Sunday dance while we are on hiatus. Dubbed “Experimental Sundays”, this dance will take place at the same time and the same place, but with some differences in how the dance is run.

Experimental Sundays

“Experimental Sundays” will be very much like the former Embodydance Sundays and our continuing Embodydance Thursdays. However, space will be provided to experiment with some new ways of organizing the dance. Some of the ideas being considered are:
· alternating freeform tribal dancing with some more guided instruction

· live music breaks (singing, percussion, instrumental)

· providing a training and welcoming ground for new facilitators to try out

In addition, further experimentation may be done to find new ways of attracting people to the dance through social media and other outlets.

Core Group Hosts @ Railyard Performance Center

This is not an official Embodydance event, but it is organized by a core group of people who are involved in the Embodydance community. The core group is dedicated to acting co-creatively to organize and facilitate the dance. This group is open to anyone, subject to approval of those already a part of it. Those in the group will decide on an ongoing basis how the dance is run and how monetary contributions will be distributed. Their hope is to find a way to make a Sunday dance at this time financially viable.

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  1. Great to hear you’re trying to experiment on Sundays. I just thought I’d mention that I’d love to dance to some Latin, Soul or funk music too. Perhaps in the music breaks. I know this might not qualify as “ecstatic dance” exactly (although I can feel pretty ecstatic doing it). As a solo woman, I know I really appreciate your environment as compared to those provided at bars or other commercial venues, and would love to feel comfortable and safe to dance to a variety of types of music with a variety of kinds of dance movement, including ecstatic, though not limited to ecstatic. I wouldn’t be surprised if that slight shift in outlook might widen the appeal and draw more people to attending the dances. I’ve often thought that in the past but felt hesitant to mention it as my sense was that it was not an idea that would be welcomed. I’m hoping this might be a time ripe for an expansion of the possibilities here. Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Hello There! Ana DJ Biele here…and I want you to know that we ARE very diverse in our music selections! Each session is arranged by an experienced facilitator designed to take you and your body on a JOURNEY into ecstatic release EXPRESSION in free form movement. Many of the music selections are leaning towards couple dancing or contact improv. Please join in the fun…especially SUNDAY 23rd when we will have a chocolate altar offering to our dancers/participants.

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