Ecstatic History

Conscious Dance:  A Deep History and a Science

Conscious dance in a drug and alcohol free space reflects back to ancient rituals that brought fourth transformation and healing.

A common ritual practice of both Native and African American cultures—and all shamanic cultures on earth—is their use of transformational dance to touch the Other that exists beyond consensus reality. Within these sacred dance rituals are all the elements necessary for the transcendent experience: dance (energy building), drumming (clearing the mind), […] and sounds and chants as a vehicle for healing and as a doorway into the realm of the spirit. In combination, these elements transport participants into an alternate reality where it is possible to quiet the mind and simultaneously elevate our life energy to the degree that we can solve (seemingly) unsolvable problems, heal chronic disease, and achieve heightened perception. Dance rituals are one of the most transformational tools available within both eastern and western spiritual cultures.

—Wilbert Alix,

Typical shamanic entrainment technology may include drums, chants, music, strobe lights, chimes, audio pulses, and talk routines which guide the ritual participants into a shared trance. Native American peyote rituals use the beat of a medicine drum as the synchronous driver for the baseline trance, and then layer that with vocal drones to create resonant drivers which maximize brain wave amplitude and global coherence in the group circuit. Discussion of periodic resonant oscillators and entrainment is essentially a physics-based deconstruction of music’s power to induce and lock targeted mind states, which is something we all instinctively understand from the experience of listening to music […] when the mind is entranced by an entrainment technology such as music, the mind and the music merge from separate individual oscillators into a standing harmonic interference pattern with its own unique properties. The mathematical implication of this is interesting enough, but the physical implication is more intriguing; music and mind spontaneously couple.