Ecstatic Dance Bus Tour Arrives in Santa Fe

Ecstatic Dance Bus Tour Arrives in Santa Fe

“Dance has the power to unify people. It literally brings us together on common ground… the dance floor!”

EmbodyDance Santa Fe is honored to host the very special, first ever, Ecstatic Dance National Bus Tour: led by Daniel Mollner of Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz (CA), about 30 people (a mix of dancers, DJs, filmmakers, and facilitators) will be traveling together and visiting dances all over the country — from Oakland to New York — filming along the way, sharing widely through social media, helping out the communities they visit, and mostly inspiring a lot of dance.

Come on out and let’s dance them a welcome!

Donations of $15 are requested, our usual, and so far as we know at present, regular EmbodyDance guidelines will be in place – though we’ve invited our guests to show us how they do this dance thing and we’ll go with what is.

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